Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Day No One Predicted

We packed up all our supplies, separated into our separate vehicles and left early in the morning. Mom and the eldest teen girl with me. Connor and the younger teen girl with hubby.

Before we have left the city my Mother has found a huge flaw in my list of packed supplies. I have neglected to take any hot wheels with us so we stop to purchase more. We reach the marina after much anxiety and squeaks from my still traumatized daughter anytime a car gets anywhere near ours.

Hubby has beaten us there and I find the younger teen girl and the boy already on the boat. He looking a little wide eyed but after we give him his cars his settles on to the floor to play. So far so good.

It started off a little tentatively, but he adjusted like a champ and to my great relief when the boat moved he did not. We fished and he smacked the water with pole or loved on Grandma's feet. It was the best fishing experience she had ever had, even tho she never got the first fish.

We swam, or I should say the girls and I did. Hubby and Mom stayed on the boat. To my huge surprise every time we tried to get Connor into the water he would scream. But he loved waving to us, saying "hi" and throwing objects off the boat to watch us chase down. Luckily the only things he threw off were of the floating variety.

At the end of the day he got very chatty and keep telling us "Water!" He did get a little irked when I asked him "Where?". He finished the day with eating a good dinner which is a rarity for him.

I know hubby made sure that if anything happened he would be on top of it. It made everyone's day that much better that I could relax a bit. What a great man.

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