Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Details, details

The girls are already at school, the husband has sleepily asked for 10 more minutes so I grab the PCS board. I make sure both sides have the pictures I need and start the morning rituals.

I am greeted with a teasing smile and he starts to tug my finger, "Pull, pull, pull." He tries to pull me into bed. I get my finger free and show him the pictures; bathroom, toilet, flush, wash hands. I wrestle with this wondering if it is detailed enough or too detailed, either could have dire results.

The small toddler seat is already in place, because otherwise he would fall in and he is scared of the too big hole. He doesn't like this room of the house unless he has snuck in by himself free to play with creams, lotions, soaps and make up. I struggle to get him up off the rug and into sitting position, and keep him there by playing a game. I tickle his nose with a paint brush, he grabs the paint brush and throws it, I chase the paint brush using my funny screaming voice "Oh, NO!"
This makes him laugh hysterically, but he stays put on his throne.

He decides he is done after a bit even though nothing has really been "done". We go through the motions of flushing and washing hands, then move on to the second part of the PCS board; toothbrush, tooth paste, wash face, brush hair. He brushes my teeth and hair more than his own and only consents to washing the mouth area of his face.

On to the kitchen to have breakfast now, he chooses the cereal (of course). I place the sugary treat in the bowl and place it on the table, he has grabbed a fork from God only knows where and starts eating. I grab a spoon from the drawer and milk from the fridge. The exchange from fork to spoon goes smoothly after I demonstrate how much more cereal he can get with the spoon. I pour a small amount of milk over the cereal. This isn't preferable to him. He looks at me and starts the squeaky "Lamaze" breathing. I turn and place the milk back in the fridge pretending I hadn't heard his objection. He calms down and actually starts to eat the cereal and milk. I sigh with relief that no flopping meltdowns or ticked off shows of knocking off everything in reach will be happening.

I pour my third cup of coffee and hear a sudden stream of water. I look around checking faucets and water cooler and then see the puddle under my son. Turns out the details on the PCS are fine for him, but I think I need my own set to remind me to put on another pull up after flushing.


mcewen said...

You and me both dearie!
Best wishes

Suzy said...

He got you on that one.

Sweet boy....