Thursday, August 30, 2007

Creativity waning

It has been many years since I have painted. Not wanting to poison the house or myself with fumes from oil paints or paint thinners while trying to conceive last time, I put all the expensive paints, brushes, and canvas away. Occasionally I will see one of these fine brushes, when one of the teens "borrow" one and forget to put it back.

I have been feeling the urge lately to paint again but the oils are no safer now then they were then and I don't care for the idea of finger prints on the canvas or different colored ones throughout the house that wont come off or dry for several days. Then there is the fact that I have no idea what I would paint. So I take one of my expensive paint brushes out of storage and decoupage hundreds of little tractors in a border around Connor's room. A more noble task.

I also have a great urge to write. I enjoy writing about the everyday challenges and rewards of life with my little man, but I would like to write about other things as well. Memoirs are hard for me and bring out ugliness in my attitude, so I only do that sparingly. This house (like all houses) runs better with a happy Mom.

To say the least my mind has been in a constant whirlwind of ideas. I try to rope one in and go with it, problem is ideas don't stop coming or the idea I have lassoed is too messy, time consuming, or just not possible at the moment. In order to at least do something constructive with all this buzzing energy and creativity, I decide to make him a weighted pet. My first idea is a sock elephant filled with rice. I go to the store and buy 10 lbs because I know the younger teen will complain the she wants to eat some.

I have a pair of tubes socks in hand and look up a pattern on the Internet. I find a cute one and start to work but have to stop several times so clean up rice, do an errand or two, or let the little shaking whimpering dog out that has a bladder the size of a chick pea. Things aren't going well, he wants to be involved but I can't fathom how to include him with needles and scissors. I put it away and try to remember what stuffed animals I have stored away in the basement when the girls decided they were too old for them.

I dash downstairs and grab the first one I see. A large Pound Puppy. He loves it so I immediately start the surgery, turning the Pound Puppy into a four pounder. In the car with the puppy on his lap his is very contented and there is no playing with locks or doorhandles. At home after dinner Hubby and the girls find the puppy very comfortable to have sitting on their shoulders, laps, and chest.

Connor seeing all the interest in his puppy decides he has to have it back NOW! He sits down placing it on his lap and falls quickly asleep at a quarter till 7 pm, not getting back up till 7:30 this morning. Guess I got a little carried away with the weight.

Hmmm, maybe if I put it on top of my head...


Michelle O'Neil said...

You're a genious! Operation pound puppy! Who needs those expensive "special needs" catalogs?

Suzy said...

I agree with m'on.

It's like those make your own bear things.

The tractors around Connor's room sound FANTASTIC! I almost want them around my room.

When you write- just let it free fall- write whatever comes into your head without judgement or question.