Thursday, August 27, 2009

I spy

We were told shortly after my mother awoke from coma that she would have a period of up to a year to recover cognitively. Four short months later and I believe the gains she has made have begun to plane out. Which we were told was also a possibility.

As such we have got a few things to work on her brainpower. A subscription to reader's digest and a computer game that is a lot like the children book 'I Spy'. The game gives a list of objects (clues) to find in the picture and once you have found them you unjumble another picture. She really enjoys it but has a hard time remembering what some of the words are or what they look like.

"What does a fiddle head look like?"
"It's the top part where you can adjust the strings."
'OH OK."

A few minutes later I hear her practicing how to spell the word as she comes down the hall.

"You mean s-c-e-p-t-e-r, scepter?"
"YEAH! What is it?"
"Sort of like a large wand a king or queen would carry."
"Oh yeah OK."

"Is a tortoise a bird or a rabbit?"
"It's a turtle."

"I know I've asked you a thousand times, but what is a decoy?"
"A duck."
"A t-r-i-d-e-n-t?
"Trident, it's looks like a three pronged pitch fork."
"A l-y-r-e?"
"Lyre, looks like two harps put together."

I'm in the bathroom getting ready for bed and I hear her come out muttering"Molecule, molecule, molecule.."

She finds the girls in the living room. "Whats a molecule look like?"
"A Molecule?"
"Yeah whats it look like?"
"You cant see a molecule."
"It's part of a er those one things that your body is made of isn't it?"
I hear other mutterings but I can't make them out, shortly mom makes her way back to her room. When I get in to the living room I ask the girls "Did you get her straightened out?"
"No? Well next time she asks about a molecule, just keep in mind that what she means to ask is what does a Monocle looks like."

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gone fishing!

For the huge achievement of being fully potty trained (which I never thought would happen) Connor received his very own Sponge Bob Squarepants fishing pole. So after seeing him cast and reel his line over and over Daddy took Connor to his grandpa's to fish.

And not only did he catch his first fish, but went on to catch eight more! Everyone else was lucky to catch one or get a nibble. A true test of his sensory for sure as he put worms on his hook (with help of course) and held the fish to throw them back in the pond. A great day for Dad who always dreamed of taking his boy fishing and didn't know if it would ever be possible.

P.S. Happy 15th to my baby girl Gracie! You are loved so much by so many!