Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Family Outing: Preperation and Fear

We are going to rent a boat and spend the day as a family swimming and fishing. We will have to take 2 vehicles as one of us most likely have to return home early.

Why would we have to come home early? Why just one of us? Will the answers are simple. Connor will most likely be stressed by something. Boats, glaring sun, being surrounded by water, vibrations from the boat motor, swaying and rocking. As a sensory seeker mostly, you wouldn't think this would happen, but far to often it does. It's not possible for us to fully remove any of the above from the trip, so as to not spoil the day for the other 2 kids one of us will take out turn taking the boy home early. Who's turn is it this time? I can't remember which of us did it during eldest girl's orchestra concert. I think I will volunteer as I have never driven a boat and a marina dock would probably be an expensive accident.

So I gather the necessities; sunblock, towels, poles, bait, food, drinks, diapers, wipes, and other toiletries. I wonder do I take a pressure vest or weighted vest? They both seem too hot. As I pack I find myself having terrible "what if's" popping into my head. What if my darling boy being so excited by all the water decides he has to jump in? It doesn't seem an improbability, yes he will have a life jacket on but they are flawed. There is no strap between the legs to stop the thing from slipping over his head. What if he decides the best time to jump out is while the boat is moving?! What if one of the girls need help and I am perseverating over Connor?

Here's praying no one is drowned or maimed.

Friday, July 27, 2007


The lady from the early intervention program that helped Connor get diagnosed and treated showed up right on time this morning to deliver items that did not come till after the program ended. A very likable woman carrying in packs of PCS cards, velcro board, desk with chair, and touch screen for the computer with "Teach Me to Talk" software. And this very lovely woman put everything together and installed all the neccesary things on my computer.

He took to her very well. Smiled and said hi and kept dancing around her looking at her feet.

I groan. No one had told her and they looked so nice and painted. His favorite kind. He lays on the floor and puts his face on them and says "TOES!!!"

She was easy going enough and just laughed. "As long as he doesn't bite me I'm fine" she says.

She continued putting the desk together when he sits bolt upright and runs down the hall. He comes back just a few minutes later with the comforter and sheet off my bed. He pulles on her finger. "Sit down!"

I explain to her that her sitting down for him will mean that he will lay on her leg cover him and her up and lay his head back on her feet. Not a good idea if she has any other plans for the day.

He is getting upset at this point because I am taking my bed clothes backk to my room and it is time for the lady to leave. he wont tell her "Bye" and after we shut the door and make sure it is locked up he continues his tirade threw the house.

I honestly think I am glad that I never get pedicures.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just a short 15 years ago to the day I was in a terrible state. Frantically running this way and that making sure everything and everyone were in place and looking perfect, and then it started to rain and not just any rain but a downpour complete with thunder and lightning. Stupid weather men/women had been telling me for a week that this would not happen!

I thought is was aweful luck at the time, but my outdoor wedding was moved last minute to the hotel that my Aunt owned a florist in. Everything else went off without a hitch except for the fact that I forgot my shoes and jewelry in the move from one venue to the other, and my groom was 15 mins late for his own wedding. My Aunt let me borrow her shoes before going down the aisle to save me from the dreaded barefoot and pregnant aisle march (Yes pregnant).

Today while we should have plans to go out together and celebrate, we are instead just exchanging gifts and having a quiet (fingers crossed) dinner at home. Allergies and sinus infections doesn't allow much else for me.

I have spent the last 2 days with medicine head from the sudafed and trying to stop the deluge of produce and crackers my little guy keeps trying to take from the kitchen to my room. I think maybe we should buy each other a super wear free sheet set for the bed that can stand to be washed once or twice a day everyday.

While I haven't done a lot of floortime in the last couple of days because of feeling crummy I did take the opportunity to test him on his favorite new word ("No" with head shake) when asked for a popsicle from the freezer.

He asked for "Yewo posicle"
"Yellow, popsicle?"
He stares at me and smiles.
I show him a red one, "Red, popsicle?"
I show him a green one, "Green popsicle?"
"Blue popsicle?"

He withstood 3 more colors and responded "NO" without any meltdowns and when I showed him the yellow popsicle he shook his head "Yes" !! So even tho I am not on my "A" game of administering treatments he is still showing me progress. He never stops amazing me.
Now if we could just get his older sister to say "No" when he gives her the puppy dog eyes, rubs his chest (sign language) and says "Pwease".

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lay About Blogger

Four days since I started blogging and I am already 4 days behind! I'm really not slacking just not enough time in the day for the post to come up on any priority list.

I have finally ended my search for a new vehicle after I totaled my van last month. Insurance payment after a very large premium (which we chose to save money) left me with very little to get a proper form of transportation to haul 3 kids (4 if you include hubby) and sometimes my Mother.

My Father-in-law being one of the many older men in the south that still is in the habit of making tons of aquaintances for the mere purpose of trade (usually "trade that horse for a car trailer), was very helpful to me in my search. He has always been one of my favorite people and although he has never judged or said anything out of the way since we got the diagnosis in January that his grandson was autistic. He firmly does not believe it.

While visiting with him, I tell him of all the progress that has been made in the last week and how "No" is now a favorite word and used in the correct context, not just for sound. I tell him how he found a picture of hubby when he was very young and said his own name pointing at the picture. How he pounds on his little piano and pretends to be singing the ending song on Elmo's World.

I see the smile on his face and I am happy that someone else gets why these things are such accomplishments and it feels supporting to have someone else be happy for these breakthru's. He points his finger at me and says with a laugh,
"I told ya he'd grow out of it!"

Friday, July 20, 2007


Awh my first post! Wonder how long little bit will let me sit and type before deciding I have better things to do and more wonderful things to play with him.

A little about me, I am a stay at home Mom with 2 beautiful teenaged girls and if that wasn't troubling and nerve racking enough I also have a husband, a Mother that is staying with us temporarily until her house is more suitable to live in (going on a year I think now) and a 3yr old newly diagnosed autistic son.

We are working on OT right now which everyone keeps saying once the motorskills are in place and strong the speech will come. I don't see major problems in motorskills myself but they tell me they are there. So we play outside an enormouse amount of time, and I am lucky that he will play in sand, dirt, mud, grass, sticks, water. Unlucky that he would prefer to play with these all at once and has to feel some of these in his mouth, which has caused many sandy diaper changes the next day.

I am often erked by how much he needs weird things for the feedback. All of my cabinets are locked tight because things like sugar, creamer, flour, coffee, tea, spray bottles, butter, peanutbutter, etc. are all things that he seek and will try to hide out with them as he smears or sprays them all over himself.

Verbal is coming along in the last 2 weeks he has picked up so many more words and he has many signs he uses to tell me what he needs or wants. Along with this progress come the meltdowns but they are shortlived and he usually is good at calming himself and the progress is still there after the meltdowns are gone.

I can't tell you how happy my non-verbal fella made me when he started in the last week saying "I see you", "Lightning! Where are you" (refering to his lightning McQueen car) and singing the alphabet and Elmo's World! The meltdowns lasting till 5:30 am were not ideal but I got thru knowing this time that is was just temporary and hopefully sentences (or fractions of) would still be spoken in the morning...or maybe afternoon.