Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Family Outing: Preperation and Fear

We are going to rent a boat and spend the day as a family swimming and fishing. We will have to take 2 vehicles as one of us most likely have to return home early.

Why would we have to come home early? Why just one of us? Will the answers are simple. Connor will most likely be stressed by something. Boats, glaring sun, being surrounded by water, vibrations from the boat motor, swaying and rocking. As a sensory seeker mostly, you wouldn't think this would happen, but far to often it does. It's not possible for us to fully remove any of the above from the trip, so as to not spoil the day for the other 2 kids one of us will take out turn taking the boy home early. Who's turn is it this time? I can't remember which of us did it during eldest girl's orchestra concert. I think I will volunteer as I have never driven a boat and a marina dock would probably be an expensive accident.

So I gather the necessities; sunblock, towels, poles, bait, food, drinks, diapers, wipes, and other toiletries. I wonder do I take a pressure vest or weighted vest? They both seem too hot. As I pack I find myself having terrible "what if's" popping into my head. What if my darling boy being so excited by all the water decides he has to jump in? It doesn't seem an improbability, yes he will have a life jacket on but they are flawed. There is no strap between the legs to stop the thing from slipping over his head. What if he decides the best time to jump out is while the boat is moving?! What if one of the girls need help and I am perseverating over Connor?

Here's praying no one is drowned or maimed.

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