Friday, July 27, 2007


The lady from the early intervention program that helped Connor get diagnosed and treated showed up right on time this morning to deliver items that did not come till after the program ended. A very likable woman carrying in packs of PCS cards, velcro board, desk with chair, and touch screen for the computer with "Teach Me to Talk" software. And this very lovely woman put everything together and installed all the neccesary things on my computer.

He took to her very well. Smiled and said hi and kept dancing around her looking at her feet.

I groan. No one had told her and they looked so nice and painted. His favorite kind. He lays on the floor and puts his face on them and says "TOES!!!"

She was easy going enough and just laughed. "As long as he doesn't bite me I'm fine" she says.

She continued putting the desk together when he sits bolt upright and runs down the hall. He comes back just a few minutes later with the comforter and sheet off my bed. He pulles on her finger. "Sit down!"

I explain to her that her sitting down for him will mean that he will lay on her leg cover him and her up and lay his head back on her feet. Not a good idea if she has any other plans for the day.

He is getting upset at this point because I am taking my bed clothes backk to my room and it is time for the lady to leave. he wont tell her "Bye" and after we shut the door and make sure it is locked up he continues his tirade threw the house.

I honestly think I am glad that I never get pedicures.

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Suzy said...

Connor sounds so endearing.

Your writing makes others love him.