Thursday, August 27, 2009

I spy

We were told shortly after my mother awoke from coma that she would have a period of up to a year to recover cognitively. Four short months later and I believe the gains she has made have begun to plane out. Which we were told was also a possibility.

As such we have got a few things to work on her brainpower. A subscription to reader's digest and a computer game that is a lot like the children book 'I Spy'. The game gives a list of objects (clues) to find in the picture and once you have found them you unjumble another picture. She really enjoys it but has a hard time remembering what some of the words are or what they look like.

"What does a fiddle head look like?"
"It's the top part where you can adjust the strings."
'OH OK."

A few minutes later I hear her practicing how to spell the word as she comes down the hall.

"You mean s-c-e-p-t-e-r, scepter?"
"YEAH! What is it?"
"Sort of like a large wand a king or queen would carry."
"Oh yeah OK."

"Is a tortoise a bird or a rabbit?"
"It's a turtle."

"I know I've asked you a thousand times, but what is a decoy?"
"A duck."
"A t-r-i-d-e-n-t?
"Trident, it's looks like a three pronged pitch fork."
"A l-y-r-e?"
"Lyre, looks like two harps put together."

I'm in the bathroom getting ready for bed and I hear her come out muttering"Molecule, molecule, molecule.."

She finds the girls in the living room. "Whats a molecule look like?"
"A Molecule?"
"Yeah whats it look like?"
"You cant see a molecule."
"It's part of a er those one things that your body is made of isn't it?"
I hear other mutterings but I can't make them out, shortly mom makes her way back to her room. When I get in to the living room I ask the girls "Did you get her straightened out?"
"No? Well next time she asks about a molecule, just keep in mind that what she means to ask is what does a Monocle looks like."

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