Thursday, August 23, 2007

White or chocolate?

Birthdays have had a negative effect for us for the last two years. No it isn't because I am getting older and gravity is having it's way with parts of my body that I swear use to be higher, not to mention firmer. It's because every time we start to sing the Birthday song, Connor looks around liked a spooked horse and flies out of the room crying. To his credit we may not be the best singers, but I really don't think we are quite that bad.

It doesn't help that everyone seems to have their birthdays all around the same time. August is really bad, husband, youngest teen, Grandma, cousin, my cousin's son, etc, all in the same week. Since tomorrow starts off the week of birthdays starting with my husband, we went to the local supermarket to get cake mix and icing.

I hadn't noticed how stores seems to have pictures really high up showing what they sell in that particular department. Connor lets me in on what I have overlooked, "Cheese" and sure enough there is the cheese section.
"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10" as we go down each numbered aisle.

"Happy erfday to youey" I stop and stare at him as do my daughters. He sings it a few more times and I see the picture above the bakery of two halves of cake. One is white with sprinkles the other is chocolate.

Elmo on Sesame Street (the only thing he gets to watch lately) mentions a birthday cake everyday, sometimes having kids sing a few lines. So it may be echolalic and the picture of cake setting it off. So maybe if tomorrow night he sees the cake maybe the spouse will have a few lines of "Happy erfday to youey." sung to him that would be an awesome birthday gift.

My husband is a chocolate lover so I got him the dark chocolate fudge cake mix and icing, and as I start to head out of the store my eyes start to get a little misty. I don't know if one cake set that off or not. What if it is the white one with sprinkles and the chocolate cake doesn't qualify for "Happy erfday to youey"?

So yes, as you may have guessed tomorrow we will be having two cakes, one white with sprinkles and one chocolate. I just hope I don't have to cut them in half before I get the desired result.


mcewen said...

Well good luck with that one! [two]

We have the same issue with the happy birthday song [or any other song for that matter]

Suzy said...

That would be an awesome birthday gift for everyone!

Good luck!