Saturday, August 18, 2007

Planning for the future

I find myself being asked by various family members and some asking more than once "Do you think he will ever be able to live on his own."

I try to keep positive, a determined thought "Of course he will!" but I keep things honest and reply "I have no idea." and because that is the truth of it at this point in time I have been stashing what money I can away to build a nest egg. Immortality seems a must for my husband and me as I worry about putting the burden of their brother on my girls, and total strangers taking care of my boy...well let's just say that thought more than troubles me.

In an attempt to sock more money away, when the insurance check came to pay for my van I bought the cheapest car I could find. It has air, power locks and windows. I doesn't look bad inside or out, and my Father-in-law assures me it is a sound vehicle. The teens aren't even embarrassed to be seen in it.

It was not long however that I found a huge overwhelming flaw in my plan. Power locks.

I start the car put it in reverse and all four doors lock with a loud click. I drive to the middle school to pick up the younger teen. I see her coming and use the switch beside me to unlock the doors to allow her entrance. Once she is inside I use the switch again and "click" I hear the locks but they don't sound as definite as they did. She tries her door and I mine, they are locked, all must be fine. On our way to the high school to pick up the oldest teen, the younger yells "Connor NO!"

I pull over and see that his motor skills are improving as he was able to grab the handle of the door nearest him and pull. The door has not opened all the way but I can see light between the door and the door jam. He is upset that he had been scolded and is trying to hide himself in plain sight. I go to open my door as the youngest soothes the boy and tells him he'll fall out and get hurt if he opens the door, a message I'm not sure he is receiving. My door does not open, I hit the switch again, it still does not open. GAH!!

She tries her switch and I am free to exit and go to his door to make sure it is shut. The younger hits all the switches in an attempt to lock his door and none work. I turn off the engine and start it again. Not shutting my door, I put the car in drive, hear all the locks hit and put it back in park. I run around to his door and pull. It is locked, success at last! We take off to pick up the oldest teen and she is dumbfounded to see her Mother shut off the car just to start it again, put it in gear then back in park, run around to pull on the door by her brother, then come back around.
"What are you doing?"
I explain the problem with the locks.
"So what do we do when he discovers all he has to do is push the switch?" She asks.

Oh damn, haven't thought of that! I guess the bit I socked away is going to have to pay for a safer car, unless I come up with another ingenius solution. Yeah, ingenius ideas have not been my strong point as of late.

"Girls I think we need to have a talk about the future."


mcewen said...

I have a very ostrich mentality when it comes to the future. I have enough trouble working out tomorrow. The amount of energy we put into the small stuff [like car locks!] leaves me with a flat battery for the huge stuff.
Best wishes

Suzy said...

I bet you that Connor has the ability to figure out a lot of things as time goes by....locks will just be the beginning.