Friday, August 3, 2007

Forget and let forget

The morning started of great. Connor was awake and singing in his bed. I got up opened his door and told him "G'morning" otherwise he would stay in there all day. I go to the kitchen and coffee is already waiting on me. How heavenly! I peek out the side door and see Hubby is outside making his morning calls telling everyone where to be and when. Probably outside so to avoid having each person sernaded. I call down stairs to the teens and tell them it time to get up. The eldest has to get ready, today is freshman registration. Hubby is done with his calls and comes back in.

"She's getting ready now." I can tell as soon as the sentence comes out of my mouth that he has forgotten.
"!@#$, I can't believe I !@#$*% forgot! I have a contractor meeting me in Indiana in 30 mins!"
"Does she have to be there? Can you drop off the papers and pay the fees?"
"Yeah I'll do that. Should be ok right?"
"We can only hope at this point. You did remember his speech evaluation is at 2?"
"Yeah I will stay here and do paper work till you get back"

The problem was solved for a total of 10 minutes.

"I'll have to come get you two and drop you off to do this. Have the younger teen keep an eye on Connor. They have this long line and a 12 step process and I will be here all day. Besides they have to make her an ID."

He drops us off at the highschool where we grab her schedule and wait in an ID line for an hour. Where it becomes pretty obvious she forgot to brush her teeth. Then we pick up books, locker combinations, handbooks, and pay fees for Orchestra, honors classes, art/photo club, and various other stuff, which turns in to a small fortune. We then find the classrooms for each period; 2nd floor, 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, 1st, 3rd....
"Mom you think they did this on purpose?" She laughs.

Hubby picks us up and I am annoyed yet again. The viola he was to drop off to be strung and tuned, that cost three times the amount I just gave the school, that was handmade with inlay, that is sensitive to humidity and cold alike, is in the bed of his truck!

1:30 rolls around and Connor and I are on our way to his speech evaluation. He is always happy to be riding in the truck. We get there and sign in and he is very excited, it is the same building OT is in and he knows the next hour will be all about him. The receptionist calls me over while I wrestle with a toddler that is dying to run the halls at top speed.

"He has a speech evaluation?"
"Uhm... it isn't today."
"Really, you're sure?"
"Yes, Ma'am. It is on the 7th. I can understand how 7th and 2nd sound alike though."
"Thank you."

I then have two challenges in front of me. One this little boy is very upset that there will be no treatment or new toys played with today and he is now clawing, pinching, and kicking. Second is the dear man I have been a snippy b*tch to today over things he has forgot or overlooked.

I finally get Connor in his carseat and bribed to remain in the belt correctly, using what little ABA I have in my possesion. We head off to the grocery to pick up a few odds and ends and to take him somewhere instead of straight home which would cause more meltdowns. As we pull into the parking lot he starts chanting "Cookie, cookie, cookie"

We gather what we need and little guy is being a model citizen and I see it the
most perfect thing that says "I am so sorry. I have been an ass. Please forgive
me and please don't make any snide remarks."

Oh and we got the cookie too.


mcewen said...

Perhaps this is the most difficult stage when everything is new, it's such a steep learning curve for everyone, and we're ALL still learning.
You are doing a great job and there are lots of people wishing you the very best.
Best wishes

Suzy said...

I get such a sense of Connor in your writing and feel as though I know him.