Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Now open. Moms' Taxi and Auto Club

First day of school and my eldest daughter is off for high school. I remember when she was so little and sweet, wore ribbons and dresses. Now she is nearing 15 and is asserting herself trying to spread her wings and find more independence. I would like to clip her wings and make her stay in her room till she shows more sense. I am aware however that isn't the loving thing to do and I have to let her find her independence as safely as I can. Anyway sense isn't likely to rear it's head till she reaches adulthood or perhaps has children of her own. I drop her off at the front door, remembering when I walked her in to her first day of kindergarten. The passenger side window comes down and the youngest daughter yells "Have a good day Melly Belly. Make good choices." I couldn't help but snicker.

The youngest daughter is the big fish in a little pond this year, eighth grade. She is nervous and excited at the same time. She is, like her sister, growing up too fast. I remember her first day of kindergarten and try to reign in the resentment that her Father wanted his turn to take a kiddo to their first day and I had to be at a new job. She isn't embarassed to kiss me or yell "Love you, Mom!" as she walks into school. At this age it surprises me, but also makes me glad of her confidence.

Little guy hasn't gotten his school assignment yet. The Gods of the county school system in their infinite wisdom, have not decided where to place all the 3 year olds yet and we will be notified by mail. We head back to the house and try to fall in to some sort of routine. I don't know why I bother sometimes. My Mother calls as soon as we get back, she has a migrain and needs to be picked up because she can't see properly to drive. I bring her back to the house and call the doctor to get her an appointment. They have one open in twenty minutes so, I drop her off and tell her to call my cell when ready, I am going to grab some groceries.

Connor and I get what we need and start to the check out. He does the sign for and says aloud "Candy" so I let him pick out a piece and start to put everything on the belt to be rung up. Cell phone rings, my Mother is done and ready for me to get her. The cashier is done and then decides to tell me her credit card machine isn't processing at the moment, and the credit card is all I have on me. I pay cash for the candy Connor has already consumed and left the store all my grocercies left there, I will have to have a "do over" for that errand.

By the time the kids need to be picked up from two different schools my Mother is feeling alot better and needs to get her vehicle. I pick up kids, drop her off at her car, and then head to the grocery to try again. This time goes off without a hitch, we take groceries home put them away and as I start diner, my husband has had a flat and the auto club will be over 2 hours getting there. Luckily the girls can finish up diner while keeping an eye on the little guy, so I am off again. It was nice that when the tire was fixed and I returned home diner was ready and one of the girls actually had a broom in her hand!

Regular night time routine continues, school or no, and at 10:15 I sit to wind down a bit with a cup of tea and a book. My cell phone rings, it's my Mother she has went to the store and she left something on that ran her battery dead. I go and give her jump and on the way back I remind myself that my good deeds will be returned to me by these same people that have made my day so hectic, and probably when they are having a bad or hectic day. Tomorrow will be better.

This morning after the kids are at school, my husband uses my car to jump his battery. He has to check on a house first but will then go buy a new battery. He calls because his truck wont start again after checking on the house. It is an hour since he left and after getting Connor ready to go "Bye-bye" I go out to find my car still running from when my husband had to jump start his truck. I am a little irked at this point and starting to feel frazzled and then something happened. Something that if you had a choice you would do hectic exhausting days happily if it would mean something like that would happen. If it was echolalia I don't give a damn it felt good to hear.

"Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!"
"What honey?"
"I woovvve ew!"


kario said...

Wow! I'd say you have done your good deeds for the year. Hopefully these aren't normal occurrences for you. I'm thinking you're due for some time to yourself soon.

Suzy said...

OH GEEZ!! A do over at the grocery store-ARRGGHHH!

But it sounds like the little guy knows what you've been through.....

Easter said...

Good post.