Sunday, August 5, 2007

I have never been a great housekeeper. I do try my best, but gleaming surfaces and sparkling windows most often do not occur in my home. Add this to the fact that I have two teens girls that try to avoid chores like the plague, my husband is at work most of the time, my Mother has been spotted putting things under the sofa cushions, and my son is on constant seek and destroy mode. Well you can see how I have a recipe for constant pig sty status.

I am lax about some of it. Fingerprints on glass doors seem to not bother me much while I am cleaning an entire bottle of chocolate syrup off of a desk and my son. Dust on a overhead light goes unnoticed while I clean lipstick, butter, or similar substance smeared on a bedroom wall. Even chalk on the wall will be left unchecked while I put furniture back in it's rightful position or pull a toddler down from standing on the window sill, showing the neighbors that he now knows how to undress.

So when I bought an expensive sheet set this past week, first time in 15yrs not opting to get the less expensive sheets from Big Lots or Walmart, my Husband looks at me like I was insane.
"So how much were those?"
"Uh, they were on sale."
"Uh huh, you know they're white and will be ruined in less than a few days."
"I thought they were cream when I bought them."
"They're nice though aren't they?"
"Yeah, just a sort of treat for the end of the day."
"We should lock him out of here so he can't mess them up."
"You mean like the door handle cover we already have on the door?"
"We should try to find something else then."

So what else do you try? We have the knob covers the cabinet locks, and the drawer thingies. We put things way up high. He figures it out or catches a teen or elderly person slipping. I am wore out from the day of cleaning and catching the toddler Houdini. I slip into bed and the sheets are cool, clean, and crisp. They feel so nice to compare to the usual threadbare, washed twice today, see through sheets, that the half eaten cracker under my pillow barely registers.

Midnight snack anyone?


mcewen said...

I have long wondered who actually is responsible for the design of all those baby locks? We never did find any that 'worked' - though to be fair it was a few years ago that we installed them.

I was sort of hoping that things might have improved in the interim.

Hope you enjoyed your snack? Which does he favour Ritz, Goldfish or Saltines? It's like a little calling card - I've been here!

Suzy said...

Love the phrase, "toddler Houdini"!