Thursday, August 9, 2007

Full steam ahead

Some days you just don't feel you have any thing of consequence to say. My little guy does however and yesterday I painstakingly recorded every word that he said down on a piece of paper. He said a whooping 75 words if you count numbers and letters, which I most certainly do. I know he knows more words but yesterday I didn't hear them. I would not have guessed he could say so many words.

His development is somewhere around the 24 months typical development. Somethings from 18 months are sticking around (echolalia) and somethings from 36 months are cropping up. Which to compare with last year about this time his was at 9 months on speech development.

He turned 3 in May and this progress is really incredible to me. He is a hard worker and he has taught me a lot. Guess I had more to say than I thought or rather my giddiness is running the show.
Excuse me while I go do my happy dance.


Max and Me said...

ooh that is truly wonderful! i remember getting excited over the first fifty words. most of my son's first words were number words. he didn't even say "mommy" for years! so this is exciting news when the words start coming. looking forward to hearing more about your son's progress.

i am slowly adding content to my site. come stop by and see my new page where i ask my readers questions.

mcewen said...

Yup we [I] tend to forget just how much hard work they put it. Just in case you were curious my older boy is 2 and a half years 'behind' in speech and the little one has an 18 month delay, so you're well on the way dearie.
Best wishes

Suzy said...

He'll be doing his own blog someday soon- about you!

Suzy said...

By the way, he's a cutie pie....