Sunday, September 30, 2007

Turn about is fair play

My mother doesn't know about my blog and if she did she doesn't have internet connection at her house. Just not a techno savvy person. However I was thinking over this weekend and what good is it to laugh at someone else if you can't laugh at yourself. So in this spirit, I give you the following story.

When hubby and I were first married we were very monetarily challenged. We had bought our first house, a tiny little one bedroom house that looked like it could have been made of gingerbread.

I had taken a job babysitting for a friend's son during the day so I could be at home with our daughter who was only a few months old. The boy was about 4 at the time and we would play all kinds of games and entertain each other throughout the day. He even on occasion helped out with the house work.

One day when he was helping with the vacuuming, I remembered what my Mother in law had told me about cleaning the coils under the fridge. She had told me if I vacuumed the coils it would reduce the energy bill. I figured it didn't hurt to try as we could use every penny pinched. I pulled the hose off the upright, bent over and started cleaning. The little boy, being the good little helper that he was, pushed the upright a little closer so I would have enough hose to reach.

The phone rings, I reach around and switch off the vacuum and as I go to stand up the vacuum falls over, the roller brush stuck in the back of my hair. Turns out that when he moved it closer to me the brush of the vacuum was still rolling, and my hair that was quite long got sucked right in. I am quite upset as I am now a Siamese twin to a vacuum cleaner with no means of separation. I finally answer the phone in tears.

My husband was on the line demanding to know what was wrong with me and in between my sobbing and trying to tell him what happened, he decides he had better come home. The little guy had grown quite concerned and I laugh for him when he asks "Are you stucked?"

A short while later, still not able to get the evil thing out of my hair, I hear a knock at the door. It's the little old lady that lived two doors down. She knows I am home but I am not keen to open the door in my state. I go to the door, the vacuum hanging from my head and open the door a tiny tinny sliver to see what she wants.
"Honey, are you OK?" she asks.
"Yes I fine. Did you need something?"
"Well...uh..your husband. A lady came over and hit his truck head on."
"Is he OK?" I forget about my little problem for second and start looking up and down the road my stomach in knots.
"Oh yes, he is fine. The EMS are checking him out. The wreck was right before our house. He keeps telling the police that he has to get to his wife that somethings wrong. I told him I would come check on you."

I fully open the door in a new state of tears and show her the vacuum hanging from my hair. She in turn goes to get her husband to see if he has any tools to get me loose. They were a great old couple and I'm sure they had one hell of a laugh when they got home, but for the time it took to get me loose they never cracked a smile. They were even so kind to watch over the two children while I ran down the road to see for myself that my hubby was OK. He was fine, though I was feeling incredibly guilty.


ozlady said...

Very cute story. I used to get bubble gum in my hair.

Casdok said...

How funny!!

Suzy said...

Hmm,... a little genetics at play here-your mom with a hair brush stuck in her head and you with a vacuum brush stuck in your head??????

Very funny story and very well written.


WalksFarWoman said...

I don't know what's worse - a hoover stuck in your hair - or a wasp! :)

Hope you'll accept the award I've just posted for you at Kissing The Dogwood! :)

Jade said...

Ohh my goodness, what a story! Hee hee. Something the two of you will have to laugh about for years and years. :-)

Jeni said...

Hmmm. Reading this post, having read the one about your Mom too - I'm thinking the apple doesn't fall far from the tree there, does it? I had a similarly embarrassing (to me) event but my kids were much older. I was doing something the kids claim I rarely do (probably truth here)-mega cleaning, moving furniture and such in my bedroom. Moved the bed, the slats fell out and the mattress and box springs fell on me so that I wasn't hurt- just pride -but I couldn't move. I'm laying there screaming till one of 'em realized there was sound coming from upstairs that didn't sound quite right and someone came up, lifted the mattress and set me free. I don't think I've done major cleaning like that since, come to think of it!

dgibbs said...

Ozlady - yep been there, of course I was much younger. My Mom swore that peanut butter broke the gum down so it would come out.

Suzy - I thought about that, it must be genetics, lol. Just had a goofy thought about what it would look like to have us both in her truck, her with her brush and me with my vacuum. :D

walksfarwoman - I would say the wasp if you stung ouch! Thank you very much for picking me for the award!

Jade - believe me just one of many and most of them are at my expense :D

Jeni - I think you and I need maids. We obviously aren't cut out for this spring cleaning crap!