Friday, September 14, 2007

T.G.I.F. or not!

Sometimes Fridays are just so darn good. We hadn't done much heavy work but instead concentrated more on floor time, just enjoying being with each other. He behaved so well and even helped me clean up when he spilt an entire box of Trix cereal.

He said the cutest things. Seeing the cookie dough he had gotten on a DVD he ask "What did you do?" It was so cute I couldn't help but laugh. At one point during the day I even heard a happy little bird chirping outside my window.

Time came to get the girls from school and we got in the car waving "Bye-bye Duck" to the lawn ornament in the neighbors yard. The weather was nice and breezy and the sun wasn't shinning too brightly. When we got home I decided it would be nice to get the heavy work out of the way outside. It's Friday so that means Hubby brings dinner home, no preparing meals today!

I gave Connor a spade to dig in dirt and sand. After an hour or so we were both covered in the dirt and sand, so under the pretense of getting something to drink, I lured him back inside. Once inside he is self sufficient in getting his own drink of water. I start to draw his bath and he jumps in almost before I can get his clothes off.

After he is clean and hair washed I set the timer. When it goes off the younger teen takes Connor to finish getting dress while I have my chance to get clean and changed. I had managed to get my shirt off and hear a crash followed by "WAH!!!"

I rush out of the bathroom still only in pants and a bra to see he has managed to slice his foot open while playing chase with his sister. The magnetic board to help organize appointments had a very thin sheet of aluminum that peels right off and is very dangerous to little feet.

He doesn't want to be touched and blood is everywhere. I pick him up and put a pull-up on him getting blood smeared all the way up his leg. It was on my hands, the floor, my chest, and all over him. The youngest girl gets me a tshirt and the oldest gets another pull-up and we put in on his foot. Absorbent and stops blood from getting on anything else. The oldest gets him in the car while the youngest helps me get my keys and cell phone. At this moment I seemed to have trouble remembering anything.

On the way to the immediate car center he is fine saying "Ewww!" when he sees the blood on his toes. In triage his is OK, when the nurse takes off the pull-up to look at his foot he covers his mouth and says "Oh no!"

Once we are called back in the room waiting on a doctor he gets scared. Hubby and I try to calm him but he tries desperately to get under the gurney which has a shelve for oxygen it's covered with dust and just dangerous. After an hour of wrestling with a distraught toddler the doctor finally comes in. He is very nice and ready for a work out. The procedure was over quickly, the pricks to numb and the cleaning being the only things that hurt, and Connor though he was struggling and screaming in the beginning is now asleep.

Connor got 5 stitches and once home was talking and running 90 mph like nothing ever happened. The stitches are to be in for 2 weeks because the cut is across the bottom of his heel, and he is to take an antibiotic because there is noway to keep him off his feet.

Watching him since we got home I don't know how those stitches are going to hold out.


Self employed mum said...

Poor Connor, reading this my stomach lurched, I'm not very good with blood or cuts or any accident, well done the girls for getting you together

Jade said...

Awww poor little guy. And talk about going from 0-60 in 4 seconds for you! Hope you weren't too "ripe" at the hospital after not getting to take a shower ;-) Good work with the quick response :-)

Suzy said...

Poor Connor, and the day was going really well too.

Accidents just happen.

He sounds like he behaved better than I would in the emergency room.