Monday, September 24, 2007

Occupational Monday

A trip to the Goodwill to drop of a trunk full of old unwanted stuff didn't take as long as planned, so we showed up 10 minutes early for our 11 o'clock appointment. She was 15 late when another OT came out to tell us she was dealing with a meltdown and would be out as soon as she possibly could. "OK, no problem." I say with a smile.

With the same techniques as last week, using the stroller and superman vest, I added a few picture books and wax candy. We were good to wait for awhile yet with no tantrums. She arrived a few minutes later and when Connor sees her he starts to unbuckle himself and I take off his vest. He follows her through the halls bouncing and humming.

I have no idea what she was planning to do with us today, but I told her I would like for her to model joint compressions for me again. Connor had been adversive to it the last week when I get to his hands. I also let her know we were interested in trying the listening program. She had told me that they didn't move forward to the listening program until a good sensory diet is in place.

So when she runs off to get the CD player and headphones, it occurs to my that she must be under the mistaken idea that I have a clue of what I am doing. For those who wonder what listening therapy is, well I have a hard time explaining it but the link is here.

He was hesitant to wear the earphones at first but soon he was zooming around wearing them with no problems. She told me to watch him to see if there were any positive or negative effects. Apparently sometimes good things happen immediately and sometimes it takes a few tries.

When we get home he ate a peanut butter sandwich. He didn't tear it apart and play in it as usual, he ate it. When we went to my niece's volleyball game tonight he stayed in his stroller watching contently for the most part. The loud noises and lights did eventually get to him, but it was much better than usual.

No he didn't walk up to me and say "I need to go potty." or get himself dressed, or sit with me on the bleachers at the game like other children his age. Nor am I sure that it was the listening therapy that caused the good eating and temporary calmness. He could have been starving. He could have been just tired or very interested in the game.

At the end of the day however, progress is progress, and I will take whatever progress that comes our way as a huge blessing.


Casdok said...

Sounds like progress to me!

Suzy said...

It most certainly does sound like progress.

So happy for the both of you.