Sunday, September 9, 2007

Daddy and Connor video time

Hubby has recently made it a nightly thing after dinner to put Connor in his lap and look at videos on You Tube. They search for whatever is relevant to what Connor is going on about that day. If he isn't really talking about anything Hubby will search for some of his old childhood favorites like Speed racer, or just whatever comes to mind.

Last night of course it was horses. He pushes the horse into every room with him all the while yelling "Wahoo! Yeehaw! Gitty up!"
So of course Hubby searched for the Lone Ranger. He didn't find much but the opening of the show but this video got a chuckle from Hubby and me.

The night before it was Charlie and Lola. Connor says their names with a perfect English accent, his favorite to say is Charlie. His favorite video however is Lola and her friend Lota singing about a chicken that is the Bestest in the Barn.

Last week we also found out that techno songs were actually lullabies.

I know, I know he is only supposed to be getting his daily allowance of Sesame Street, but Hubby only has a small amount of time between getting home from work, eating diner, and Connor's bedtime. Sometimes allowance have to be made, or at least that's what I tell myself.

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