Monday, September 17, 2007

Occupational Monday

I switched up the tactics today. We put the superman vest on before getting in the car. On arrival I put Connor in his stroller. We all know she was late to show, we were too. Just a few minutes of looking at a book about a train with animals in it. It went beautifully.

She appears and as I promised Connor, I released him from the stroller and vest and he walked calmly to the "Bean Room" with her. He spent most of his session in the tent with all the dried beans and rice again. The amount of words coming out of that tent was astounding and it hasn't stopped all day.

On the way home when he would normally be wiped, he has turned into the spotter.

"Hey bicycle!" and I could barely see it but, in front of the car wash down the road was a bicycle.
"Horse! Horse!" Sure enough there was one of the horse statue they placed through out Louisville.
" duck."

"Hey! What abouwowt me?" Upon hearing this I decide to take the advice some of you gave me and turn this into a conversation.
"What about you?
"Hey! What abouwowt me?"
"Do you need something, hun? I ask, feeling like I need to come up with a more original and engaging repertoire.

"Oh no!"
"Oh no!"
"Whats wrong?"
"Naughty Gnomes."
"I don't see any gnomes." I fear I'm losing grasp of the situation as he starts scripting Thomas and Friends.
"On on faster faster....stop stop I wanna stop......I'll runaway."

"Ice cream? Popsicle? Yellow?"
We are home, we go to the kitchen and look in the freezer together. He pulls out a box of ice cream sandwiches that someone put back in the freezer after taking the last one. Grrr! He looks in the box, turns it upside down and says, "Empty! All gone! All done! Where did it go?"

He changes topics quickly "Diaper. Poopy."
My jaw drops at this late breaking news. Neither words have been in his vocabulary. Is he dirty? I don't smell anything, does he need to go? I try to steer him to the bathroom. Getting him through the doorjamb is more difficult than putting a cat in a tub of water.
"Diaper. Poopy."
"You need to go to the bathroom?" still giving gentle pushes toward the door.

He is getting frustrated with me and takes my hands to his hips making them go in a downward motion. He wants to be changed. Changing him in front of the bathroom door, determined that what ever is going on in that pull-up, I will somehow steer the event toward the toilet, I find he isn't dirty or wet. His has a large amount of dried beans and rice stuck to various private areas.


Anonymous said...

A tad messy I guess, but don't they just make you smile as they light up your life.

Crystal xx

Suzy said...

He was right....there was something in his diaper...

Cutie Pie Connor!


Self employed mum said...

This just the beginning what a clever boy x