Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just say it, please!

For awhile I thought he had problems with the muscles in his mouth (Apraxia), because sometimes when he opened his mouth to say something his tongue would just dart around everywhere and words would fail to come. Now I believe he can say anything. Sure some of the consonants could use refinement and his grammar isn't the best. He always pronounces cookie as tookie, lion as wion, water as wader, but I look at these as 3 yr old kid pronunciations.

He has short sentences, most scripted but we all have to start somewhere. His conversations have few exchanges but we are seeing more and more back and forth.

He shows his teasing sense of humor at the dinner table while we eat. Putting his knees in his chair he puts the weight of his upper body on his elbows, leans sideways, looks at his Dad and says "I gonna fall!" in the cutest sing-song southern drawl.
"You're not gonna fall if you straighten up in your seat." Dad responds.
"I gonna fall!"
"No you're not, sit down right and eat."
"I gonna fall Daddy!" He screams and laughs. Daddy just can't help but smile because it is too darn cute and he said "Daddy."

I had swore that if he ever said "Mommy" I would probably faint from shock. I used to spend so much time teaching him that word, just to have him stare blankly back at me or say something totally different. He started talking never saying it and then when he did, he was only making noises. He wasn't talking about or to me at all. I was sick of all the evaluators and his OT calling me "Poor thing." when they found out.

One night at dinner we were playing a game of "who is that?". We would point to another person at the table and ask "Connor, who is that?" Finally one night I was blessed and he said "Mommy" and was talking about me! I didn't faint or fall out of my chair but sat there and cried a little, hoping that it wouldn't discourage him from saying it again.

It hadn't discouraged him and we are hearing it more and more. One night last week when it was Daddy's night to tuck him in, he sat up real fast looked around his room and asked "Where Mommy?" I was in the bathroom and heard him. Between you and me, that felt really really good.


Suzy said...

"Where Mommy?" It's just the beginning. I'm sure Connor will be saying this 1000 times a day, and you still won't be tired of hearing it.

All the best.


Jade said...

That is so awesome! What a gift! And with some positive encouragement and patents it just might stick :-)

Here's hoping!

mcewen said...

Sometimes it can seem like a long, long wait. I used to cheat and get them to read the word in a book when I was really desperate, but because it wasn't the 'real thing' it didn't really count.

The wait for the genuine article, painful. The pay off, priceless.
Best wishes

Casdok said...

Made me cry!
Im still waiting to faint!!

Skewedview said...

My wife was a bit put off by our youngest as she was saying "Dadda" as one of her first words. "Mommy came later, but it was too late, she was already a Daddy's girl and has been ever since (16 years). She knows it too and can wear me down to the nubs when she wants her way. Be careful what you wish for. Na, got for it. They're only little folks once.

Swearing Mother said...

Someone told me about a young Mum and toddler on their bus the other day. The Mum was looking tired and trying to sneak a few quiet moments looking out of the window of the bus. Toddler had other plans and proceeded to chant "Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum......" etc., etc., for a whole fifteen minutes, through multiple stops. Poor Mum was trying to ignore the constant "Mum, Mum, Mum", and hoping it would stop, but eventually she turned to her little one and said:

"I can't believe now how happy I was when you said that for the first time."

I guess everything's relative.

merry weather said...

Boy, what a brilliant moment that must have been! I guess it'll be etched in your heart forever :)

I was thinking as I read the post, that if I didn't know he was autistic I'd be thinking he sounds just like my 3 year old - teasing, cheeky, cute!

I was just reading your answers to the comments as well - yes, kids bring hard lessons, but they are a huge gift, we must never lose sight of that, you're right ... it was a lovely post, thanks.

dgibbs said...

Suzy - If he does say it 1000 times in a day would depend on which day to see if my patience is sturdy enough to take it. Right now I feel sure it would.

Jade - Yes a huge gift!

Mcewen - I probably would have tried that if he didn't take every book I read to him and closed it shouting "THE END!" You're right though the pay off is priceless.

Casdok - as weird as it may be...I hope you faint really soon. ;)

Skewedview - Our first daughter did that same thing. Dada was at work and I would here about him all day long!

Swearing Mother - Too funny! That's great that she said that instead of lossing it and screaming "WHAT!?" It is all relative and I took it for granted when my daughters said it.

Merry Weather - Yes he has the best teasing and cheeky sense of humor that I am so greatful for. Even if I do have to chase him through the house to get him dressed with him cackling like a mad man.

Jeni said...

From the first day my daughter and son-in-law brought my Princess Maya home from the hospital, I started on her immediately, introducing myself to her and repeating to her at every opportunity -even that young - "Grammy" - over and over I said it not knowing of course that she was going to have lots of speech delays in her future. She started to talk in February of 2006 and by May, had maybe 20-30 words in her vocabulary, if that. It was I think sometime in June - she was over 2 1/2 anyway -when she finally said it - Grammy - and I was in 7th heaven, ecstatic, euphoric! She knew me. She KNEW ME! Her vocabulary started to really break loos then last fall and now, she repeats much of what she hears us say -sometimes the things we don't want her to repeat too ya know. But who around that has a child (grandchild) with speech issues hasn't felt the same way upon hearing a special word come from that special little being entrusted to us and who is just loved so very much? It is truly a great day then isn't it?