Thursday, October 25, 2007

We are experiencing technical difficulties

Really we are. The broadband connection is giving me trouble due to needing what they call a booster. That should be remedied tomorrow, but until then I am on (of all things) dial up. Sorry if I haven't been round to read up on your site, but things on dial up take time and lots of it.


Connor and I have continued the practice of using his toys to transition. With his hands full, I don't have to hold his hand going down the hall, and without the feel of a hand restraining him he does not crumple to the ground. Things go great getting out of the car, putting on the pack back, loading the boy down with toys (some were hidden before we left) and he walks straight to his classroom. Reminders to walk and not run have to be given, but not too often.

When we arrive there is another boy already in the room. I observe how Connor leaves his own toys behind and takes off with the barn and farm animals. The other little boy noticing the toys comes over to inspect, but Connor has noticed his movement towards them and comes running.

Even if he isn't playing with them it doesn't mean someone else can touch them. Nor can you play with the farm animals or the barn. Oh and even though you found that horse first, he will be confiscating it. The toddler's credo goes through my head.

If it's mine it's mine,

If it's yours it's mine,

If I want it it's mine...

Sharing has not become his strong point. I try to produce harmony and sharing or at least turn taking but it isn't happening. The teacher and the aide aren't much help as they seem to not notice. I draw Connor's attention to a giant book on an easel and he names the animals on the cover for me. Instead of retrieving what Connor has taken from him, little boy decides he wants to come over and name animals too. He plants himself in between Connor and I.

I watch to see Connor's reaction to this boy joining in. Connor steps in front of him moving in closer to me and glares at the boy out of the corner of his eyes. I pull Connor close to me and squeeze him and he takes off to play with farm animals. He leaves me and the boy to the book.

A few hours later I stand in front of the school watching him come down the hall, he spots me and we smile at each other until the aide bring him through the front doors. We hug and then I spot the aide, wide eyed looking at me. My stomach is momentarily in knots as I wonder which kid he stole a toy from or knocked down. "He um did REALLY well today!"
"He did?"
"Uh..yeah were counting today." her eyes still wide.
"Oh yeah?"
"He counted pretty high. I mean he really got up there!"
"Yes, he counts alot." I explain as I sign the sign out sheet.
"I couldn't believe it, he just counted and counted."
"That's so good. He likes to do that. He knows all his letters too." I explain as I keep a hand on his shoulder to stop him from going to the car without me.
"I am so impressed!"
"You all didn't know he could count?" I ask as he tugs for me to follow.
"Well no. It's not in his IEP."

I found it curious that this is his second week and they have just got to counting, but there again there are only so many hours in half a day.


Crystal Jigsaw said...

If it's mine it's mine,

If it's yours it's mine,

If I want it it's mine...

Excellent!! I might use that one myself - with your permission of course!!

Crystal xx

dgibbs said...

Crystal, feel free, It isn't mine. I heard it somewhere, just don't remember where.

Jeni said...

Maya just turned 4 last week but we discovered about 16 months ago she was counting. We had been working with her,counting fingers,and one day she was playing with number magnets on the fridge, naming the numbers and I realized she could count up to 20! Apparently learned to count to 10 by what we'd been working on and learned to count to 20 from the Count on Sesame Street. She sort of learned almost on her own then to count higher. Will count well up into the hundreds and has even counted backwards too. Amazed the heck out of us and her therapists too. She picks up fairly quickly on letters as well.
My niece, whose little girl is 4 days younger than Maya offered my daughter that she would have Lizzie, her daughter, come here and potty train Maya if Mandy would have Maya teach Lizzie the alphabet and how to read. Just the differences in kids or autism vs NT? You tell me.

Casdok said...

If i want it, its mine. Yes must rememebr that one to!!!

Suzy said...

So everything is mine?

Great!!! I knew I wasn't the only one....

I'm in fantastic company- Connor's!