Saturday, October 27, 2007

It's the great bumpkin Charlie Brown!

My husband got a call to check on a house today near the place he grew up. He had not seen the old neighborhood for a few years his parents had divorced and sold the place eight years ago. He was disappointed coming across the railroad tracks to see the little shops were dilapidated or gone as he started up the winding road to the top of the hill.

The years gone by have made him a less careless person and the winds and turns seem even more dangerous, the road more narrow. The new owners of the house where he had spent his adolescent years have kept the place up nicely to his relief. He decides to drive back a little further to see how else the neighborhood had changed when he see what at first looked like a farmer mooning him from the side of the road.

Slowing down and taking a closer look he realizes it is a scarecrow someone had cleverly constructed, both "cheeks" being pumpkins. Pulling over to the side of the road he starts to take a picture when an older woman tries to pull into the drive.

"I'm sorry, was just getting a picture. I'll move." he says
"Oh, did you get a picture?"
"Was just about to." he holds his camera up.
"No, honey there is a box right there with pictures in it. Go ahead and take ya one." she points out a white wooden box with a sign saying "Please take only one"

He steps up to it and opens it to have a giant spider pop out at him and scare him out of his skin. The older woman is cackling and then he hears a full hearty laugh coming from the farmer that had stopped in the middle of the field. Still sitting on his tractor, he had stopped to watch the joke played out on this unsuspecting stranger.

My husband being a good natured man couldn't help but laugh as well. That older couple had made his day, and he could tell that he made theirs.


Jeni said...

Now THAT was a really cute story! Sounds like the farmer and his wife are a couple of fun-loving pranksters doesn't it?

Swearing Mother said...

I loved that on two counts: 1)lovely sense of humour, and 2) good innocent fun.

Round here someone would have either stolen the pumpkin or trashed the spider.

Casdok said...


Suzy said...

Now that's a great Halloween story!!!

The farmer and his wife probably enjoyed it more than you'll ever know.


Anonymous said...

You have to have a sense of humour don't you! Great story.

Crystal xx

Self employed mum said...

Great story and great fun, what a laugh. x

Jade said...

That is the cutest story! How awesome of that older couple to still be getting into the spirit. Glad you guys got a giggle out of it.

Happy Halloween to you and yours!

The Kimbrough Family said...

That was sooo funny!! I loved it especially the free pitchers--:-)