Monday, October 22, 2007

The theif and his transition

After wowing me with an "I wuv you." unsolicited I was on cloud nine. I was sure I was on to what was to be a great day, maybe even week. Nothing was impossible. So I returned to the school to pick him up.

I get out of my car and wait with the other three regulars, parents who drop off and pick up instead of putting their tots on the bus. I am already beaming from ear to ear before I see fifteen little heads bobbing through the hall in a single line. A little head peeps in and out of the line looking towards the window, the face attached to that head is also beaming.

He looks just like my guy, but it can't be, no one is holding his hand. My guy wonders off, he can not go through the hallways expecting to follow the crowd. They may not notice all the wonders there are to discover. I look at each aide and teacher in turn to see where Connor is. They are not holding his hand.

Oh wow, it is him walking all by himself, look how big he is! He looks so proud of himself. Wow oh wow!

I am beside myself as he comes bursting through the front door towards me and then I see and hear about the cause of this miraculous event. His arms and hands are filled overflowing with farm animals, that it turns out, he nicked from another class room.

Hey, so what! A smooth transition and he still walked down the hall following the class as expected. Even if it was because if he found anything else, he had no room to carry it.


qofd said...

OMG, he took farm animals from another classroom? How funny. Yeah that he was holding his own!

Suzy said...

What a great story!!!!

And that no one stopped him!!

Sweet Connor- I would probably have done the same thing.....

Love that boy....


Jeni said...

Ya know, you gotta take your bonus points where ever you can get 'em sometimes and this looks to me like just one of those times! Whatever works, kid. Whatever works!
He did good no matter which way you cut it.

Self employed mum said...

What's a little thieving when you're 3. He's doing so well x

dgibbs said...

Yeah, no one stopped him or took them away so it would be easier on them. They wanted me to transition him from them as we were leaving. How funny is it I told them we had to rush of to speach and would bring the toys back before the end of the day :D