Friday, October 12, 2007

Three days until

With visitors arriving any moment I check the house over again to make sure it is spotless. I then turn my attention to my son, he is dressed and in a good mood. No his hair isn't brushed as that is something he can't stand. You can't have everything.

The Special Ed lady arrives first. She is a nice older woman and she gets right down to business about what things we use to transition. I give her information on PECS, timers, and reminders of "X amount of time until" because of all the words he picks out, until is the word with most meaning. Special Ed lady informs me that the classroom teacher will arrive shortly, that she is a very sweet lady and was excited to find out that she would be having an autistic child in the class. She had taken a course on autism over the summer.

Oh really? This is why I had been waiting months for proper placement? They couldn't have found someone that had taken a course in autism before now? I took a course in VBA, maybe I should be her Verbal Behavior Analysis Assistant. Actually, I wasn't mad, I was amused.

Ms. One Course in Autism showed up and I have to say that she measured up quite nicely. She is very sweet and caring, she has been in the classroom for nine years and has just recently got into special education. She has picture maker, timers, picture schedules, and she knows how to use them. She knows about meltdowns, sensitivities, transitioning, and a multitude of other important things. SHE ASKS IF SHE DOESN'T KNOW!!! That is huge in my mind!

When asked by Special Ed Lady what I had done to give Connor a chance to know the school, Ms. One Course defends me and explains I had only known about the placement for a week. She also offers me a chance to bring Connor over to the school because she plans to be there till 4:30.

As we walk into the school everything is fine Connor is excited to see the library but consents to come along to his new classroom. WOW!! What a classroom! It's big and beautiful and filled with lots of nice toys and areas. Connor found so many things to play with, and I sway a bit as he picks up two baby dolls and carries them around. They don't have wheels, not dinosaurs, nor zoo or farm animals. They are of human likeness, it is one for the record books. Upon seeing a pair of stuffed dragons however these poor dolls are dropped on their heads.

Ms. One Course is very personable and answers any possible problem with "It is/will be OK." I call hubby to tell him how things went, which is answered with "That must have been one hell of a course! Where do I sign up?" Indeed.

I have a good feeling about this.


Self employed mum said...

Sounds great to me. A huge weight of your mind to know there are other people in the world who can and will deal with Connor and his needs. Another huge step for you all, great news x

Suzy said...

That is just great! A great relief to know that Connor is in good hands.


PS- take a look at my newest post....

Jeni said...

My granddaughter, Princess Maya, just started a preschool program - four days a week, for 5 hours each day and she absolutely loves it! She's doing great in it too. Right now, as I'm trying to catch the Penn State (GO LIONS) vs Wisconsin football game, she's busy singing "The wheels on the bus go round and round" which she learned at school, while coloring on the legs of her big doll and her own legs and face too! Ok, somethings take a bit longer I suppose. Although, I have had her doing the Penn State Cheer (WE ARE! PENN STATE!) when they scored their last td. A time for everything, right?
Stay positive with the school program - sounds like they are trying to get you -and Connor - some good people to work with him and provide help.