Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Eat my chicken!

After the last few weeks wondering if my darling toddler had indeed been possessed by demons, we have finally landed once again in a very good place. He has abandoned his pursuits of knocking everything in reach over or running at windows with hands outstretched. Finding himself in solitary time outs until he could remain calm to the count of 5 has taken his heart out of it. What good is it to do these shocking activities if no one is going to act properly upset?

Good behavior has been abundant and so when it came time to make dinner and he wanted to watch a few videos on the computer I was very accommodating. It can be hit or miss with his communication about what he wants to watch so an amount of patience is requires from both of us.
"Rabby" he squeaks.
"Rabby? Can you point to it?" I am puzzled because we are looking at Thomas and Friends videos and I don't know of an engine with that name.
"Rabby, Rabby, Rabby!" He repeats and finally touches the character he wants to watch.
"Oh! Cranky."
"Cranky!" He smiles at me happy that I was able to figure it out.

As the video begins he sings to the music, "Dun da dah, dun da dah dah."
Perfectly he keeps the beat and then with out warning, "Eat my chicken!"
"Eat my chicken! Eat my chicken!" He squawks, bouncing in his seat being very pleased with himself.
"Yeah, we are having chicken for dinner." I offer thinking maybe that was what he was going on about. Only to get a 'What the hell are you talking about' look in return. I leave it wondering where he might have picked that up and he watches another short clip this time about George the steamroller. It is only 40 seconds long and he sings along with the music waiting for his favorite part at the end. "Wooooo!" and he slides at of his chair on purpose to the last note of the music. It sounds like a sound effect that would be added when someone slips on a banana peel.

"Rabby! Rabby!" He squeaks when the George video is over.
"Cranky?" I ask
"OK, this is the last video before we eat. After this one we are all done with videos." I explain before I start it so he will know what to expect, even if he isn't happy with it.

"Dun da dah. Dun da dah dah! Eat my chicken! Eat my chicken!" Obviously I need to watch more Thomas and Friends or judging how he barely ate anything, especially not his chicken (it wasn't breaded and reformed into nugget shape, therefore unfit for consumption), I need to eat his chicken for him.


Casdok said...

We do everything round Thomas too!! And i usually end up eating his food!! :)

Suzy said...

That is really interesting..
eat my chicken. And you did.

What a kid!

Glad he's back to being himself.

Love him, love you.


Jeni said...

Good to see you back here again! And glad to see/hear you're still making progress too! The little guy here was diagnosed a week ago yesterday with Autism-PDD-NOS but yesterday, he had another appointment and the doctor changed his diagnosis to straight autism. He's trying to learn "self-feeding" now and I'm really worried that he may starve to death before he gets the true hang of it! He does try though and doesn't like anyone to try to feed him now either. The granddaughter is doing fantastic -most of the time -still have the same old, same old potty training issues with her though. Still refuses to do #2 in the potty -pullups only for that -but we're grateful for at least being half-way there anyway!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

He knows what he wants. And he knows what he wants you to do. The rest will fall into place.

Hope you enjoyed the chicken!

Crystal xx

mommy~dearest said...

wondering if you ever found out what "eat my chicken" was?

dgibbs said...

I never did find out what it means. But as quickly as it popped up it went away. Now if he watches that video he just says "Cranky! Cranky!"