Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Respect and value

These two simple things are something I never really thought I had to worry about when it comes to Connor. He is sweet, endearing, funny, just one of the best kids ever put on the planet really, when you come right down to it. Or is that only in my eyes?

I am sure this Mom from my state thinks the same of her 8yr old boy. Educators trusted with his well being while at school obviously do not agree. If you respected or valued someone you would never lock them in a closet sized room.

My own Mother was so upset by this article that she woke me up bright and early on Sunday to make me read it. I don't know what is worse actually, the terrible situation this innocent young boy was in, or the dimwitted people that have posted comments on the article. Things that translate into; "That boy was making it difficult for the precious normal kids to learn. He shouldn't be allowed to be there." or "So what? He was being difficult. Teachers don't have enough resources to deal with that.". The resources these teachers do or do not have is not this little boys fault nor should he be kicked out of school because people believe the normal children should come first.

HBO recently aired a documentary called 'Autism the Musical'.
A Mom in the documentary made a comment that I really identify with. She said she could use the moments when people stare or make rude comments to enlighten them and get the word out but she could not make them respect or value her daughter. How true is that? Even though people are informed about the condition they fail to see that the person has a mind, thoughts, feelings, etc. The thought that the person they are smirking at may have intelligence totally eludes them. One comment made on the article about the little boy makes this quite clear, "If he wasn't taking anything in why have him in there? Put him in a class with other kids like him."
I will not even start on that one because I fear I will be typing all day.

The comments weren't all bad, but there were enough to put me up on several soap boxes, they were all mostly to do with autism so maybe you would say I was on several spectrums of soap boxes. Funny enough a little post about "special needs Moms" not having anything better to do than to stir up trouble (are freaking kidding me?) made me realize that was my new label.

I am a special needs Mom. I clean, cook, clean some more, taxi children to school and therapies, try to be a decent wife to my husband, make sure everyone in the household is healthy and happy, between all this I scramble for a moment or two to breath, find a second or two for me. But for all this I have no life and must stir up trouble where ever I can and put my poor child on display, it's quite sad really.

I know I don't have to worry about this sort of thing happening to my kiddo, but know this. If I found out someone locked Connor in a closet I would not be as calm as this lady and just sue the school. I would never have the chance before the person who locked him in got to sue me for bodily injury. OK stepping off my many boxes for the moment. Happy Hump Day!


Suzy said...

Isn't it up to the teachers, whatever resources they lack, to treat children as human beings?

What the hell is wrong with people-administrators who condone this type of behavior from it's staff.

One idiot commenter actually had this to say:
"My take on this story is that we don't know enough of it to make a good judgement. I do know from personal experience that some parents of special ed kids expect much more from the school system than parents of other kids, and some will push the limits on complaints to get their way. Running teachers out of their jobs is NOT the best way however.

WTF???????? What is this guy's problem??? Running that teacher out of town would be the correct answer, not just running him/her out of school!!

People have got to wake up. These atrocities cannot continue.

Love to you and Connor.


Anonymous said...

Bloody Hell!!! Sorry I've only just found this. ALL children deserve respect. ALL children should be valued the same. Teachers who segregate children for the simple reason that that teacher cannot cope with that childs behaviour should be severly reprimanded. Sacked in my view. Don't they actually realise that the reason why the child isn't doing well and lags behind is because he or she gets no support? Do they realise that should they spend a little more time with that child then less disruptions will occur? What planet are these people on. Talk about soap boxes!

And to be perfectly blunt (if you don't mind) I don't give a flying fig whether people see me as a trouble maker and someone who thinks I deserve more for my child just because she has special needs. If half the parents of "normal" children did what us parents did for our special needs children, this world wouldn't be in the shit state it's in today.

Okay, you got me started and I apologise. But it is Autism Awareness Month!!

Best wishes and take care,
Crystal xx

dgibbs said...

Suzy, yes I think it is up to the teachers to treat the child in a humane manner. As far as what is wrong with these people, I have no idea. I have come across quite a few that have the idea that people have their children diagnosed with autism because they can't control them or they want government assistance. >.<

Crystal, I couldn't agree with you more. It boggles the mind that people can be so stupid, of course you fight for your kid special needs or not. To call her a trouble maker is just as bad the the "refrigerater Mom theory" in my mind.