Monday, February 25, 2008

Bad, bad Mama!

There had been so many things within the last week I had wanted to share and had not found the time to do so. Looking back all I can say is I have not been on my A game. I believe it had all started shortly after I made my last post on the 14th.

I answer the phone to hear...
"Mom, I've done something really stupid."
"What did you do honey?" I was really afraid to ask.
"I had a safety pin in my mouth while I was talking and swallowed it."
"How the fuck did you manage that?!" <----Bad Mama!
" I didn't mean to."
"I know sweety, I'm sorry. Was it open or closed?"

Thank goodness it was closed and after a few calls I found out we would have to wait for it to make it's grand reappearance. I did go pick her up early however because I could tell she was on the verge of tears from embarrassment.

A few days later, after I had taken the girls to school, I discover Connor has a low grade fever and can't go to school. He is tired not feeling well and will barely move from his bed when hubby answers the phone. My sister was calling to make sure we know that Melody's school is on lock down. I turn on the news to find out a girl reported seeing a male talking to two other young males in the cafeteria and he made a gesture that suggested he may have a gun.

Full panic! I want to go retrieve my daughter right now before some lunatic goes on a shooting spree! My hubby has to explain to me that lock down means I can get nowhere near the school much less get to her, even though I know this, I feel an exception should be made. I want to call her but she has very little units left on her cell. <--Bad Mama! So I decide to text her instead. I get no response. I find out later that this is the day she forgets her cell at home.

I do get information while I wait from my cousin who is a senior at the same school. He calls another of my cousins, who then calls my sister, who then calls me. They are all in their classrooms with the doors locked, lights out, and on the floor in the far corner of the room. I can only imagine how scared my baby must be and I break into fresh tears, again.

I let guilt get the best of me as I see swarms of parents wait outside the police barriers. I can't go. Hubby has went to work, Connor is sick and shouldn't be out in the cold like that. Even if he wasn't sick he is 3 1/2 and autistic, he isn't going to just stand there and behave. No there would be much running, kicking, screaming, scratching, and lying about on the ground. A police barrier isn't the place for a young child anyway. It also occurs to me that after the scene we would cause I may find myself questioned by police and the new subject of a social worker investigation.

They finally give the all clear and Hubby picks Melody up at the normal time, because some 250 parents were in front of him in line. The male seen that morning was from another school and did have a gun but had left shortly after being spotted. He was picked up by police later that day in a stolen car.

The next day I take Connor to the doctor. The trip there is a post in itself. He has a double ear infection. As we are leaving at around 10:10 Melody calls and asks "Mom, are you ready to pick me up?"
"Why do I need to pick you up right now?" I begin to feel nervous that they are having a repeat of the day before.
"They released school early because an ice storm is coming."
"I'm just leaving the Dr's office I'll be there as fast as I can."

Grace's school was nice enough to send teacher's out to the parking lot with walkie talkies to announce the name of the student when the parent showed up. Saving the kids from freezing their rears off. Melody's school however, the same one that protected her so diligently the day before, tossed the students out in to the ice and snow. I picked up one very pink, cold, annoyed teenager. Well at least she was only flash frozen.


Casdok said...

You certainly know how to have an eventful time. Not at all fun though.
Hope Connor's ears are clearing up, and just glad to hear you survived, safety pins, gunmen and ice storms.

Suzy said...

Geez- what a week!

Can you cram any more drama into your days?

I did laugh out loud at:
"What did you do honey?" I was really afraid to ask.
"I had a safety pin in my mouth while I was talking and swallowed it."
"How the fuck did you manage that?!" <----Bad Mama!"

Love your response.

I hope everything came out in the end.... (sorry-had to say it)

Hope Connor is feeling better.

Love you.


dgibbs said...

Casdok - Yes we survived thank goodness. You sure have a way of summing it up "Safety pins, gunmen and icestorms" that could have made a nice title :D

Suzy - Actually did leave out the chainsaw being stole out of my husband truck while he went in to pay for a cup of coffee and the 20 yard dumpster that tore up the blacktop area of my driveway, but the post was getting long and I was running out of time lol.

Everything did come out in the end, lol. Her daddy made jokes like that too and when she giggled he told her "Don't laugh I am trying to make a point." :D

Suzy said...


She's like the wind said...

First of all, thank goodness the safety pin was closed! and poor Connor, ear infections are nasty, hope he's feeling better soon.

Now gunmen at school, that is the scariest thing ever, hope Melody is ok and you have got over it ok.

What a time you've had, a big cuddle from me for all of you. x

Swearing Mother said...

It's all good fun over at yours, isn't it? Do you ever wonder what you did all day before you had kids?

Glad you are a bad mama too, I thought that was just me.

Anonymous said...

Blimey, that's a shocking post! How utterly awful for you. I only heard on our news last week about another shooting spree - why does this keep happening? You must have been terrified, sweetheart, I know I would have been.

Hope calm is now restored and your family feels safe. We all have a right to feel and be safe, wherever we are.

Take care, Crystal xx

Nancy said...

My first visit here and I assure you, having teenagers entitles you to drop and occasional F bomb and still be a good mama.

I think you handled the whole thing with remarkable calm.

I'll be checking in here more often as you might just become my role model!