Monday, February 11, 2008

Coping with Progression

"Hey Melody!"
We had just got home from school. She was making herself a snack, when her little brother decided he was going to be social. It was a shock, she stood there slack jawed and brow furrowed until I prompted her to respond. She had suddenly become socially challenged.
"Whatcha doing?"
"Ah, making a soft pretzel. You want a bite?"
He looks down at the plate she has in her hand, reaches out and takes off with the whole thing. Stopping a few feet from her he looks at the pretzel in his hand and asks "What is it?"
"It's a pretzel." She explains.

We are bewildered and ecstatic over this sudden development, but we also know there may be hell to pay. Every time there is progression in any form with him, there is also an adjustment period when sleep isn't great, extreme pressure is needed, more Mom-mom time is required, and a general urge to run amuck slamming and pushing on everything. This is a far sight better however than the meltdown fest that use to occur right before a major spurt of progression. For this we are grateful. However the amount of discontent usually coincides with the amount of progression. The bigger the achievement the more out of sorts.

I had thought that would be it for a little while, he made good eye contact and asked questions just to be social along with using the name of the person he was addressing. It was conversation, words spoken not to ask for something (even though he stole the pretzel). Not script or description of cars, dinosaurs, numbers, letters, or movies. This just a few days after spelling his name aloud for his aide. This was major!

However the next day he let us know he was not done. He and his sisters were playing in the basement when the urge to socialize hit again.
"Gracie. Melody. Mom-mom. I running!" He informs us as he darts here and there across the room. The girls pretend to be mimes, making it appear they are going down stairs behind the sofa. He thinks it's funny but has to ask "Where are you, Melody?" When it gets closer to bedtime and I inform him he has so many minutes before we have to go upstairs, he turns from me, starts climbing the stairs, waves his hand behind him saying "Bye bye Melody, see you later."

I have to prompt her again to respond so as to make it worth his effort. I can tell from the look on her face that while she is delighted she is wondering, as am I, how much more he can handle doing before he turns his head 360 degrees, projectile vomits pea soup, and starts speaking in tongues like the girl from The Exorcist.


Jeni said...

Hope the progression continues and the other side's (the dark side) appearance, if it comes, is brief! Sounds like he is really making some great strides. It's amazing, once they start to comprehend some things -like language - how quickly it expands.

The Kimbrough Family said...

I am really happy Connor is doing so well! I missed reading your blog so um......give me a daily dose PLEASE---OK at least once a week??

Casdok said...

Im sure the progression out weighs the down side!
How wonderful!! :)

Suzy said...

Missed your blog also!!!

Connor seems to be doing so well!!!

I can almost see everyone else's jaw dropping at his progression.

He's the best, that kid!

Love you. Thanks for the update about Connor and the girls.

Love you


She's like the wind said...

Wow, that is progression, as casdok says the progression far out weights the down side.

Great update. x

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he's making good progress to me.

Crystal xx

She's like the wind said...

I have an award for you over at my place. Pop over and collect it. x

Carrie Wilson Link said...