Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday's Thirteen

13 things that we (he) have done this week.

1. Spelt "Pixar" while seeing the word on a car package. Yes, he spelt his first word! Or read the letters of the word...whatever it is good stuff.

2. Jumped on a huge trampoline in the mall while attached to some major bungee cords. He flew so high in the air and squealed causing many of the adults nearby to stop and "Ohh" and "Awh". To be fair though, I think we had already grabbed their attention while flailing, crawling, and screaming around the kiosks.

3. Painted Popsicle sticks for an ornament made at school a bright red and came home looking like an accident victim.

4. Discovered while scaling the microwave cart, that the top of the refrigerator was an easy next step.

5. Only got ready for school at mention of seeing a certain little girl, and then the certain little girl told on him to his Mommy about going out in the hall by himself. She says that he was probably looking for me.

6. Decorated a gingerbread woman. It is definitely a woman due to the two strategically placed pom-pom balls.

7. Fell in love with the "Land Before Time" movie and has temporarily forgotten about "Cars".

8. He has started to put his hands together during prayer before dinner and starts to sing "Away in a manger" instead of saying the prayer.

9. Has randomly started saying "HAHA you so funny bunny!"

10. Has proven to me that he isn't quite so easily portable as I thought. Results of the x-ray is pending.

11. Has started naming his dinosaurs after the characters in the "Land Before Time" movie and acting out the scenes with them, complete with "Awh! Sharptooth! Run!".

12. Tolerates consumption of raw spinach calling it "Tree stars".

13. For the first year ever he is labeling and singing about; Christmas tree, snowman, reindeer, Santa Claus, and stars.

You know, just the normal being his amazing self.


Casdok said...

And yes - some really amazing things there! You must be so proud!!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

He is amazing. I love the fact he has discovered the top of the fridge!

Amy loves The Land Before Time, I think it's nice and mellow, without the agression that so often goes with kids programs these days.

Crystal xx

Dont make me get out my flying Monkeys! said...

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BBC said...

Hello, my first visit to your blog.

"Land Before Time"

Don't recall that I have ever seen that movie, but there are many movies I haven't seen. And many books I haven't read.

There is simply too much out there these days for one mind to take in, and a lot of it is fiction and I try to avoid fiction.

Now I will go look at your other blog. Hugs.

Self employed mum said...

Learning everyday, top of the fridge now that could be tricky!


Jade said...

Good list! I work with a 8 year old boy that will start giggling out of no where and say "whats so funny" with this crooked look on his face. Makes me giggle every time.

Wishing you and yours a very happy holidays.

mommy~dearest said...

LOVE #6!

Jeni said...

Aw, Dortha - ain't it just grand that you could stop and list those things that he's doing now? Just fantastic when they learn some little thing -even when they are in the process of tromping on your last freaking nerve while doing it! ARRRGH and YAY, YAY - all rolled together, huh?

Jade said...

You have a very warm holiday with your fam as well.

Suzy said...

The best Christmas ever for you and Connor and your family.