Friday, December 14, 2007

Show and tell

This is my oldest daughter's. The darker portion is from a magazine, she drew the rest. It was showcased at the winter festival of her highschool last night before she and the rest of the school's orchestra played. She is multi-talented beyond belief!


Suzy said...

The drawing is simply gorgeous.

WOW! Her sense of light, shadow and detail are amazing.

She should be very proud of herself.

I know you are.



Jeni said...

That is fantabulous! Hope she plans to study art in her future schooling.

Self employed mum said...

Amazing, what great picture. WOW! Talented or what?

Swearing Mother said...

WOW! She is SO good.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

That is fantastic! You must be extremely proud.

By the way, I haven't forgotten the meme. I will do it soon.

Crystal xx

Jade said...

Ohhh My Gosh! She is so talented! That is awesome. How proud she and you must be! :-D

Casdok said...

She certainbly is!!

Anonymous said...

That is insane talent! I cannot even imagine the pride you have in your daughter and the amount of confidence she must have. What a gift! Wonderful... thank you for sharing!