Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween or Happy Birthday!

We were ready, Connor as Superman, Melody as a Fairy, and Grace as....well I'm not sure but she looked like a 1980's Madonna. As is tradition with us, my sister and nieces join us on our annual candy begging pilgrimage. The men can come if they like, but they can not be put in charge of how long the children get to be out. They are weak and give up too quick, leaving the poor dears with a pitiful amount of loot.

I was a tad nervous, I hadn't really prepared him. A short time ago a trip like this, that may cause confusion would have resulted in me carrying Superman or with him laying on the ground as if he had just been given cryptonite. After a house or two and kissing the neighbor's duck lawn ornament we heard "Hmmm" which we took to mean OK we go up to the door say "Trick or treat" they give me candy!

It went great with very few obstacles placed in the way. One was a giant television that showed a basketball game through the living room window. It stopped him dead in his tracks (as it would most males) and he yelled "Fooball!" Second obstacle was a jack-o-lantern. He tried to remove the top and blow out the candle, but once seeing the man who owned it he concluded the proper thing to say was "Happy Birthday!" in his growly Daddy voice. Obviously if there are candles about it has to be someones' birthday, right?

My sister, being the hell of a trooper she is, decided to talk her girls into telling the next person "Merry Christmas!" or "Happy Thanksgiving!". Then there was the older gentleman that decided he wasn't going to give Connor candy until he said "Trick o treat". Connor gave a "Tit or teat." and I didn't have to get smart with the poor man, who didn't know he was talking to a child with a speech delay.

There were a few social things I spotted that needed work. Such as we do not open other people's doors, but at 3 there is time. I will post pictures when a certain someone figures out how to get pictures off of the camera, or my memory card reader starts working again. Hopefully one or the other will happen soon.


Suzy said...

It sounds like a very sucessful night?

Loved kissing the neighbor's duck ornament...

I'd say Connor did really well!!!
YAY big boy Connor!


The Kimbrough Family said...

OK I am still laughing!!

dgibbs said...

Suzy - Yes it was very sucessful! I be willing to go do it again tonight it went so well. Funny enough we told the neighbor about Connor saying bye bye to the duck all the time and she said tat the duck is so old she used to be rode on by her children and her name is Mudder Duck.

Jeni said...

Hey, at that age, give him some leeway - sounded to me like he did darned good! This year was Maya's first year T/T too and she loved it, really loved it! Actually, I wonder who really loved it more though - Maya or perhaps her Mom, who was just giggling all over herself at how Maya had acted! Good things happening for you -and for us too ya know!

Self employed mum said...

No wonder children get confused, the only time they usually see candles are on birthday cakes, then we go and put then out at Halloween. Connor was quite right to blow them out. As for 'tit or teat' I'm still laughing. x

mommy~dearest said...

My son would absolutely approve of blowing out the jack o' lanterns, as well as going into people's houses who aren't making fast enough with the loot!