Thursday, November 29, 2007

7 Things

One of my favorite people, Suzy over at Identity Crisis has tagged me to tell seven things about myself. So presuming these things should be at least mildly interesting I may have some trouble but here goes.

1. My favorite show of all time is a tie between Big Bang Theory and The Andy Griffith Show. I know rather random isn't it.

2. I sent off my application to join the Marines when I was in the 8th grade. They sent me a nice letter telling me to reapply in a few years with an iron-on logo.

3. When I am upset or worried I clean or make improvements on my house. The night before my sister gave birth to my first niece (prematurely) I wallpapered my kitchen.

4. I used to be able to drink my husband and his friends under the table. I have since had children and grew up, now two beers and I am searching for the nearest pillow.

5. I was named Dortha because my mother liked the name after seeing it on my paternal grandmother's headstone. They had misspelled Dorothy.

6. I had a dream when I was a child that I was playing at a boy's house and he bit me. The parents didn't do anything about it and it turned out they were aliens. I escaped from the house that was in the middle of a car scrap yard, and as I was running from it I caused a domino effect of falling cars. Have no idea what it meant but I have never been able to forget it.

7. Of all the things I have taught my children, including all the curse words they know :(, I am proud that they enjoy laying with their heads under the Christmas tree imagining miniatures of themselves walking the branches. It will keep them young at heart for a very very long time.


Self employed mum said...

Very nice to get to know you. x

Jeni said...

I especially loved your last one there - and the curse words! Did you REALLY teach your kids curse words? Just joking regardless if you did or didn't. I always told my kids I couldn't wait till they had kids of their own and I would take the grandchild, teach that kid every rotten trick his/her parent had ever pulled on me and every dirty word I know (and I know quite a few of 'em too). Once the child had all that down pat, I would send him/her back to the parent. My son once told me I had his older sister afraid to get married and have children because of the above stated threat. The look on his face when I told him I DID REALLY plan to do all of that was absolutely priceless. What's really funny though is I've never had to teach my grandkids the dirty words or rotten tricks to play on their parents either but somehow they managed to learn them all the same, all on their own! Ah, revenge is sweet you know!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Lying under the Christmas tree sounds like bliss, Dortha.

If you feel upset again at any time, pop over to my place, my kitchen is desperate!

Best wishes, Crystal xx

dgibbs said...

Jeni - I really did but not intentionaly. I have always had a sailors mouth and not too long ago when my husband was talking about the stuff kids pick up at school, my daughters made the statement that they learned all the curse words they know from me.

Suzy said...

Geez, #7 is just gorgeous!

I'm with Crystal, drop over my house the next time you're upset- I live closer.

Andy Griffith huh? God, if life were that simple. I'd be happy being Barney Fife...

And I LOVE your name Dortha...

Love you


Jade said...

I'm with ya on the 2 beer thing these days. I used to be a rockstar! What happened...? ;-)

Cute info.

merry weather said...

I love the tree thing! What a beautiful idea, our tree is up and I'm going to tell the kids that tomorrow - thank you :)