Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Back from Hiatus or somewhere

I know it has been a LONG time since I posted. Actually that is an extreme understatement. It's been a long hard road and it took a moment for me to put my big girl pants on and take care of business. That's all sorted now but it started with this note from Connor's kindergarten teacher.

'Mrs. Gibbs,
Connor has had a rough day - there was an episode that lasted for 55 minutes this morning (9:45 - 10:40). Everytime he kicked the desk, I held him, til he was quiet to the count of 5.
There were several several episodes the rest of the day including him kicking a classmate instead of a chair during lunch.

Trying to get out of my hold, he blew his nose on me, spit, and then urinated. I tried to make sure he was safe, but his squirming and other movement against the rug, has caused some rugburns on his face.

An ECE resource person was here to observe another child, but she took notes and will be at our IEP meeting too.'

How mad are you just imagining this being your child? He was 5 at the time.


Casdok said...

That type of thing has happend to my son so i do know how mad it makes you.
Hope it is all sorted.

Jeni said...

WOW! What a great surprise to read your comments on my post today! It has, indeed, been a long, long time since you last posted or commented, for sure.
How old is your son now? And, one would certainly hope and pray that he has advanced considerably since the episode your wrote about on this post. My two little grandkids are now 7, almost 8 but thinks she's 21 and knows EVERYTHING and her brother, just turned 5. Both still have a TSS each but both are doing quite well, all things considered. Maya finished 1st grade and academically, she did fantastic. Reads like a little whiz! Her brother, while late in talking, definitely makes up for that lost time now as he frequently is a non-stop talker now! Social issues though continue to be my granddaughter's largest area of need. The little guy has some issues there but also has a lot of obsessions and fears. Differences and similarities still abound in a lot of stuff but yet, we are seeing a lot of progress too. Thanks goodness though both are very strong and healthy and full of mischief! Keeps life exciting for sure!

dgibbs said...

Jeni - He turned 7 in May. He is another one of those kiddos making up for lost time, talks your head off! Not complaining though I waited too long for those words :)

Glad to hear the grandkids are doing so good.

Casdok - I knew you would understand, it's sad the things people do especially when they have no training to defuse the situation, or work with students like they are human.