Friday, January 11, 2008

Speech therapy and cows

Whoopie! We have a new speech therapist!

Connor had been missing his speech therapist that moved back to her hometown. His OT is in the same building so everytime we would visit the OT he would try to go to his speech therapist's old room and then meltdowns would follow.

We were told about the new therapist on Wedsnesday and had an appointment the following day at 1 right after school. When she comes out to the waiting room and starts talking to him he warms up to her immediatly.
"Hi, Connor!" she is very soft with him but shows she is very happy to see him.
He looks at her and takes her hand and I ask him "Can you say hello to Ms. B?"
He looks at her again, a huge smile on his face, and leans in to give her a kiss.

We brought his book along to show her the song that Ms. H had taught him before she left. Alot of Ms. H's old clients have been taught this song and Ms. B was glad to finally get the full scope of what it was about. We went over the old goals and I was surprised about how much Connor has improved since they were wrote up.

Transitioning is still a major goal as is attending to nonperferred activities, but labeling is in the past as he does this as well as ask for things that he doesn't see. She decided we should skip ahead a little to start the use of 2 -3 word sentences even though he was telling us "I got triangle.", "It's a letter T." as we were talking. As the use of these sentences are VERY new I consented to this being the starting point.

He had me baffled however that since the moment we arrived on the premises he started asking for a cow. I tried singing "Old MacDonald" and that do the trick for a little while, but as the session ended and we were leaving he says "Want Cow!" and it was a job to get him up and out to the car. Once out in the car he decides to abandon his request and instead ask for "Hamburger?".

Surely he doesn't know what hamburgers are made of! He never really wants a hamburger when he asks for them anyway he always wants fries and chicken nuggets. He just knows that the places you get such quality food always have pictures of hamburgers. I talked about this situation with his older sister when she was out of school. The child actually looked at me with pity in her eyes, her poor old mother just doesn't have a clue about what's going on, how do I make through the day alone she must wonder.
"No he doesn't want a hamburger." She sighs.
"Well what then?"
"While you were at the therapist's he wanted the farm animal puzzle the OT has down the hall! When you got out to the car he was hungry and wanted nuggets and fries." She explains.

I wonder if they will let her answer her cell phone at school in case I have any other questions for her?


Swearing Mother said...

Speech therapist sounds lovely, great stuff! Glad to hear you're all OK.

Happy New Year (belated, sorry!!).

Anonymous said...

Us parents know nothing!! I wish you luck with the speech therapist, they are truly amazing people and very skilled. Amy's is extremely professional and she has a wonderful raport not only with Amy but with me also.

Crystal xx

Jeni said...

Kurtis has the same speech therapist as Maya had and he's not making any identifiable sounds as yet, but it's obvious he recognizes her and really likes her too (as did Maya) when she shows up here every week! That is funny though about having to ask your teenager for a translation. There are times when I have to ask the 16-year-old here too what the heck it is that Maya is trying to tell me too! Glad he's happy and making progress in all respects it appears.

Jade said...

Heres hoping for amazing growth with your new S.T.! What an amazing gift of 08 that would be!

mommy~dearest said...

Hahahaaaa! Yes, sometimes we just need others to fill in our blanks.

Lee said...

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