Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Playtime over!

The holidays are over and children back in school. I drop each off then recline in my desk chair taking a deep breath; "ah" followed by another. I love the holidays and loved having my children home with me during the days, but there is always too much of a good thing.

Holidays meant that the only therapy Connor was getting was occupational and there were 3 appointments in 2 months that were cancelled due to days off. Connor was in a right state, music therapy being halted because of ear infections, brushing halted due to aversion after an accidental scratch. When we arrived for therapy last Friday I think the OT didn't know which one to she should put to work, him or me.

He is obviously missing his speech therapist that moved back to her hometown and we are patiently waiting for the next one appointed. He sings the song she taught him constantly "Apple, Apple, ah ah ah. Baby, baby, ba ba ba...." So the girls and I printed up all the pictures that go with the song and made him his own book.

Today the happiness on his face as we passed the water tower on the way to school showed on his faced as it dawned on him where we were heading. I am actually excited to see the planned curriculum for the week although some will be old hat for him some is new stuff and some is more involved ideas than he cares for.

Learning about: Happy Birthday!
He knows all about Happy Birthday! It is the proper greeting at all times!

Letter: H
"Happy! Happy! HA HA HA" will be sung at no end.

Number: 1
He counts forward and backwards all the time.

Things they will talk about: Birth dates, month and day. First Middle and last names. He will probably memorize these no problem if he is interested. "Talk about the New Year and resolutions", this is where I am interested to see if he has interest in participating. Not being academics, involving numbers, letters, colors or shapes I just don't see why he would take an interest. They are ideas. Not saying that he doesn't have ideas, he is intelligent and imaginative, but there are many factors (audio reception among them) that make it likely he will tune them out, like a man tuning out a gaggle of women talking about their feelings.

Then again he is always making a liar out of me and making steady progress. I hope that trend continues.


She's like the wind said...

Don't you just love going back to the routine.


Jeni said...

Yes, indeedy - don't we all love it when they make liars out of us by enjoying something we figured they wouldn't like at all! Today's been really draining - little boy barely slept last night -got almost 2 hours of sleep before Mandy had to wake him, dress him and take him to the hospital for the ear-tubes procedure to be done. Maya had school today and that almost didn't happen either as she was totally obnoxious about getting dressed - wanted her MOMMY to do it and of course, Mommy was at the hospital with Kurtis and well,I was ready to pull my hair out till I finally did succeed in getting her dressed and out the door, into the van. Thankfully, no meltdowns tonight! One small blessing there ya know!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Of course the trend will continue. He will flourish if he's in the right environment. The holidays are such a difficult time for our special needs children as I have found out so many times.

Crystal xx

mommy~dearest said...

Interested in the brushing therapy-it was recommended for my son, how is that going?

dgibbs said...

SEM - Yes I need this routine as much as he does :)

Jeni - Sometimes no meltdowns are one of the biggest blessings.

Crystal - Of course I know your right. Envious of you getting a new kitchen btw.

Mommy Dearest - The brushing as I mentioned was stopped for a bit because I (like an idiot) got the brushes without the handle and accidently scratched him. We are ever so slowing starting again. It has been good for him, followed with joint compressions it calms him a lot. I think he feels more like he is inside his own body. Hope that makes sense.