Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yeast or insanity giggles

So many times I have heard him giggle this mad cackling laugh. A mix between the goofiest nerd you can think of and woody woodpecker. Some of the events that would set these giggles off are not obvious and sometimes I would wonder if I should call the doctor. My poor child sitting there laughing at nothing in particular, but laughing so hard that his face is red and tears are streaming down.

Having taken the trouble to ask other Moms with little ones on the spectrum I heard a lot about yeast in the digestive track. Many children (as mine once was) are placed on gluten free and casein free diets in order to combat this yeast and start the process to clean up and heal the gut.

It didn't sound too far fetched to me really. So I would chalk these mad giggling outburst to yeast. Then things started happening that would lead to an epiphany...

It was the first day in a while that I hadn't had to hit the floor running. Yes I had to get Connor fed, dressed, and on the school bus and get laundry started and mom bathed, but there was no running to be done until later in the afternoon. I took the chance to read up on some neglected emails (sorry Sis) and forums. Laughing my head off at crazy pictures a friend had sent.

The more pictures I saw the more I laughed. Even running down stairs to check the dryer a picture would pop back into my mind and I would start laughing again. Before long I realized that I was laughing so hard I was crying. I hadn't really laughed in a good while and it felt really great. If anyone had seen me not in front of the computer they would have wondered what in the world was wrong with me, maybe I had too much yeast.

That's when it occurred to me that in Connor's case it may be a coping mechanism, or maybe it's just an inside joke ;-)

P.S. this is in no way a slam on any mom or dad out there trying to get their kid healthy with the gf/cf diet, just an observation of myself and my child.


mommy~dearest said...

Haha! My son does this alot- I've asked him numerous times what he is laughing so hard at. It wasn't until he acquired more language (and was able to gather his thought process), that he was able to tell me. Usually, it has to do with some "script" he's re-running in his head. :) Great post.

dgibbs said...

I bet that is what Connor is giggling over. He does love his scripts!

Casdok said...

C also gets the giggles like this, but couldnt really put it down to yeast as C dosnt eat much. As C takes a long time to process information i thought maybe it was something he had seen earlier??

Suzy said...

Sounds like Connor has to ability to entertain himself- and what better company!

All the best to you and Connor and the girls.

Love you.